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Here’s All the Fashion News You Missed This Week


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The day has arrived! Happy x Nature website is up and I can’t wait for you to explore and shop our happy little world we created. Our tale is a love story really. A love of nature and all things natural. We love how nature attains beauty appear so easy and effortless. And, that’s been our inspiration for our way and for our commitment to the environment. Our aim is simple- making you and nature happy with easy, free-spirited fashion that minimise our impact on non-renewable resources. From the factories and mills we choose to packaging and garment tags, we’ll explore every option, always go looking for eco-aware solutions. The skinny jeans is employing 2 plastic bottles … Recycled. The textiles we prefer are a big one of the purposes of our mission of endeavours to make a difference for this generation and generations to come. Airy cotton voiles, earthy laundered cottons and cotton flax are mixed with organic and recycled cloths. We’re especially aroused about Repreve( r ), made of recycled plastic bottle yarns. There’s no throw-away paper on our fashion. We use eco-friendly fabric tags and no plastic. Our shipping bags are bio-degradable and will decompose in only 12 to 18 months … so order everything you love, with no worries! We’re always looking for new ways to ensure that generations to come will be happy x nature. Take the scenic road with us! HAPPY SHOPPING [?]~ ATAGEND

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Kate Hudson has Launched an Eco-Friendly Fashion Line

Perennial hippie chick Kate Hudson is getting into the ready-to-wear biz. Her new line, Happy x Nature — pronounced “Happy by nature”- is classic boho with an eco twisting: many of the garments are made from textile sourced from recycled plastic bottles and all of the shipping packaging is biodegradable. The line, which launched Thursday, appears to be online-only and is comprised of the various kinds of frilly floral garments, fringe jackets, turquoise accessories and cowboy boots favoured by Mary-Kate Olsen circa 2005. It’s easy to imagine person buying the entire collection for their annual Coachella trip. In an interview with WWD, Hudson describes the Happy x Nature customer as someone who is “inspired by the flowers and the colourings that you insure there in the sky and the sun.” The line is likely to be run separately from Hudson’s athleisure line, Fabletics, which she founded in 2013. “[ Fabletics] is about honouring your body and the importance of being healthy and being active.[ Happy x Nature] is about fun and being free-spirited, but paying attention to how we treat our planet and how we create less waste, ” she said.( WWD)

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Paris light @maxmara

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Carine Roitfeld has a New Job

The former editor of Paris Vogue may have recently announced she was stepping away from her publication CR Fashion Book to focus on her branding agency, but that didn’t stop her from taking on a new role. Earlier this week, Carine Roitfeld was named a’ style advisor’ at the Karl Lagerfeld brand, and will help define the direction of the brand in the wake of the founder’s recent passing. “I know all the Karl codes, so I want to make sure we feel a bit of Karl in the collections. Even though he was German, Karl had French savor — sophisticated, always very feminine, ” Roitfeld told WWD. Roitfeld’s first collecting is inspired by the viscerally modern Bahaus artistic movement, which is heavily associated with Germany in the 1920 s and 30 s, and will be released after springtime 2020.( WWD)

Hailey Bieber for Levi’s.

Hailey Bieber is the Face of Levi’s 501 Jeans

Levi’s classic 501 jeans were first introduced in 1873 and throughout the course of their 146-year historythey’ve never had a model representing them- until now. This week Levi’s announced Hailey Bieber, who took her husband’s name after covertly marrying Justin Bieber in September 2018, as the first-ever face of Levi’s 501 jeans. “The 501 is the incarnation of Levi’s’ democratic principals…It’s worn by minivan mamas in the suburb and hipster kids in cities and everything in between, ” Levi’s chief marketing policeman Jennifer Sey told WWD. “It never felt right before but we love Hailey’s energy and optimism. It felt like the right time to associate a face with 501. ” Bieber said that she grew up “borrowing” Levi’s cutoffs from her daddy, Stephen Baldwin, and asserts, “they construct me feel like me.”( WWD)

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It’s understandable why Jared (@ siliconhbo) looks confused. @patagonia will no longer sell its ultra-popular co-branded logo vests and apparel to financial firms and other brands that don’t share its values. “We’re in business to save our home planet, ” is the company’s new mission statement. Full story on Patagonia’s #fleeceheisman at the link in our profile. — #waitwhat #patagonia #patagoniavest #bcorp

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Patagonia Will No Longer Sell Fleece Vests to Finance Bros

“At the highest levels of power in the finance and tech industries, there is one gold criterion, one unifying symbol that binds together all self-styled masters of the universe, all the titans of industry: the Patagonia Nano Puff vest with an embroidered corporate logo, also know as the Power Vest, ” wrote Katie Notopolous in a Buzzfeed story breaking the news that the eco-friendly outerwear company is becoming more, um, discerning to its implementation of who they sell to. Buzzfeed was able to confirm that Patagonia has shifted their policy on corporate sales clients, and will focus on selling their wares to socially responsible B corps from now on. As the story runs, Binna Kim, president of the communications bureau Vested, try our best to place an order for the vests and received an e-mail respond that read, “Patagonia has nothing against your client or the finance industry, it’s merely not an region they are currently marketing through our co-brand division.” Ooof.( Buzzfeed)

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